Let go… move on… you know it is time…

When the relationship you’re in is bringing you more grief than joy after you have tried anything and everything with your partner to make it work…  it’s  a sign that it’s time to pack your bags and leave.

Making a “loving” relationship last takes a lot of work from both parties. It’s supposed to be 100%-100% and not 50%-50%. That’s what  a lot of peolple get disillusioned about. They look for that 50% contribution from the other partner before they contribute to the relationship then it starts becoming a “game” and both parties start the cycle of holding out on each other until resentment builds up into this gigantic pile of negative vibes that spews poison into the relationship until it dies a natural death.

Don’t get caught into this trap. Leave while you still have some love and respect left for each other… especially if there’s kids involved.







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