That One Song…

I was sitting next to my daughter making a list of stuff we have to buy before we go on our 1 month island-hopping vacay when the song “Family Affair” was played on Pandora. It made me smile. It reminded me of my Italian ex-fiance. He liked this song. I can see him dancing to it (in my mind)… vividly. It’s been many many years but still… then I thought, don’t we have that one song (or more) that reminds us of an old summer fling… or the one that got away? or the one that made us think “good riddance!”? LOL

The power of that one song… Wow! So I had to think… this would be a good topic to write about. Which song should I pick? Not that I had many boyfriends. I actually  only had a handful of long-term bf’s. But I dated a little bit. Anyway, don’t we  pick songs for  when we crushed hard, too?


First, I had to pick which guy. Of course, it’s a no-brainer — my first real, “true love”.  The one I messed up… twice! LOL  The guy I was talking about in “Love is a Risk“. Anyway, we had several songs… I had to think which one of those was the most memorable. Ok, I got it!

This isn’t a bad song at all. It just made me cry. A lot! I remember that we would be at a restaurant having lunch or dinner and this song would be played and the waterworks would start and it’ll just get awkward. But he never made me feel bad about being a “crier”. He was such a gentleman.


And who hasn’t dated a scrub? When you’re young and immature and you just had to go through that “bad boy crush” phase in life.  Now you can just shake your head every time you hear that song. LOL What? You haven’t outgrown that phase? haha


However, this one song (at the bottom) does not remind me of one particular guy. Not even close. I discovered this song when I decided to leave my “sperm donor” (the biological father of my daughters who was not only a scrub but an abusive and  dead beat dad… OMG!!! Oooooohm… breathe in…  breathe out… Chill!) —  for the nth time.

Anyway, I thought to myself, I’ll find ‘The One’ and I’ll have this played on my wedding day. Long story short, I was engaged a few times after that then got married to one but it just didn’t seem to come close to what I had in mind. I feel that I have yet to find my soulmate but I have no time or energy to even bother. At this point I guess I really do not care anymore if I end up not meeting “The One”, Mr. Right, or whatever he’s called nowadays. I am just grateful that God blessed me enough to meet someone that I loved who loved me back the way I deserved to be loved. Not every person gets to be blessed like that. Thank you God!






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