About Me

I AM a strong, passionate, spiritual woman… a survivor, an idealist, a change agent, a mental health advocate, an activist, a feminist, a hopeless romantic, an ex-perfectionist who is trying to control that monster coz life is too short to be OCD… lol 😉   I have a strong sense of integrity, duty and work ethics and I expect this of others around me as well, a wishful soon-to-be yogi who would love to live and teach in an ashram some day, I am altruistic and I believe that “service is the rent you pay for room on this earth”. I love to volunteer, it makes me happy when I’m able to serve others. There’s so many things I’m passionate about. I’d like to help eliminate the stigma surrounding Psych -Mental Health disorders… Violence Against Women and Children. I’d like to empower women… to help end discrimination and prejudice… Save our Earth… be part of the change that I want to see in the world… I want to see the End of Terrorism and enjoy WORLD PEACE in this lifetime. Is that too much to ask???


I care about the well being of my family, friends and those around me.  In my romantic relationships, I strive for a “partnership” and regard myself as a part of a “team” for us to work together to establish a strong, committed and lasting bond. I expect that both of us would give our 100%. I am very loyal and trustworthy and in it for the long haul in any kind of relationship. As a mother, it is my desire, to raise my children to become responsible, ethical, law-abiding, productive and contributing members of society.  As far as my favorite activities are concerned, I like to have fun and do anything that involves volunteering, event planning and spells “teamwork”. I also like to dance, play the piano, take photos, read, write/blog, travel, go to museums, watch the performing  arts, attend seminars/workshops, learn new things, go hiking, be one in nature, chill by the beach, do yoga, meditate.
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I took a trip to Europe last year and realized that I lost myself somewhere (in my 30’s) along the way  then found myself in Paris of all places and I have been recreating myself (I have evolved since)… it is a process…   I feel like I have a new lease on life and I’m on a quest for life’s purpose and meaning… I’ve been crossing off of my bucket list and adding stuff as I go along and I’m far from done.  🙂th (9).jpg

My goal here is to empower and inspire women who may be walking the same path that I’ve taken and hopefully they’ll see the “light” thru my blog, learn from my experiences (read mistakes) and be guided.

I hope you can visit this blog often [and maybe give a “FOLLOW” — hint! hint! ] 😉  so we can take this JOURNEY together and maybe we can inspire each other to grow to our highest potential. Givers Gain

Let’s be friends! 🙂






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