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Why do I blog?  I read in one leadership book that one person influences at least 10,000 people in their lifetime so the question is not how many people you’re going to influence but how are you going to influence these people. I’m passionate about learning and sharing what I know… in creating positive synergy (I believe in 1+1 = 3) and in alchemy, and that what you give comes back to you a hundred fold. I believe in karma and positive “joujou” and I love to inspire others. Gosh! I can just keep on going…

My goal here is to empower and inspire women who may be walking the same path that I’ve taken and hopefully they’ll see the “light” thru my blog, learn from my experience (read mistakes) and be guided.  I believe that “service is the rent you pay for room on this earth”. I love to volunteer, it makes me happy when I’m able to serve others. There’s so many things I’m passionate about. I’d like to help eliminate the stigma surrounding Psych -Mental Health disorders… Violence Against Women & Children… to help end discrimination and prejudice… Save our Earth… be part of the change that I want to see in the world… I want to see Gender Equality, the End of Terrorism and enjoy WORLD PEACE in this lifetime. Is that too much to ask???

I hope you can visit this blog often [and maybe give a “FOLLOW” — hint! hint!]   😉   so we can take this JOURNEY together and maybe we can inspire each other to grow to our highest potential. Givers Gain…Let’s be friends! 🙂





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