Random Act of Kindness Project

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I was following a blog “365daysofkindness.com” that inspired me to do this project or experiment at work. I was planning to  “reblog” it but I couldn’t so just please click on the link to check her post.  I have already been doing ” RAK ” things on a daily basis since I was a kid so this is not something new to me. That’s how my parents raised us and that’s how I raised my children. Anyway, as I mentioned, I was following her blog and  as I checked her list from day 1 then I thought about day #2 being a good idea and thought of tweaking it. Instead of just leaving the $1 bills on the vending machine I’m going to  leave it in the fridge, the microwave, the coffee machine, the water cooler, somewhere in the nurses break room in different units all over the hospital and, of course,  it will be anonymous. I just started this last night and will be doing this for at least 30 days.

That’s the vending machine on the left with the $1 bill and the note taped on it. On the left side are the $1 bill that my teen daughter was teasing me was from my extra job at nights that I wasn’t telling her about… lol

My plan is to leave a $1 bill with a note every night that I worked for at least a month and   for this to be a “pay it forward”  thing. I remember when my mom watched the movie “Pay it Forward” about 15 years ago, she compelled everyone in the family to be involved in  a PiF project. We all had a great time. It was fun and we were happy.  I want to do this for my Mom who I know would be smiling from heaven.

I hope it flies. My intention is for it to create a “ripple effect” all throughout the organization hoping it may lead to a better quality patient care than we are already providing. I also want to brighten the shift our nurses (and ancillary staff)  and put a smile on their faces. They work hard to make the patients comfortable and recover faster.  I’ll see the favorable results at the end of August. Keeping my fingers crossed… Wish me luck!


BTW, I would like to thank the lady who started 365daysofkindness.com. Please check out her blog, it’s pretty awesome.  🙂






PS:  Check this out… let me know if you still think it’s not worth your time 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness Project

  1. Wonderful idea and beautiful act of kindness… Frankly I had seen yesterday night your blog… But since I was going to post something in the similar lines and I waited till I posted, do check it… It goes along with what you believe… Thanks for posting this wonderful message and doing any act of kindness :)… Namaste 🙏🏼😊

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