#22 A Nurse’s Instinct


The first time I came across this blog I knew immediately that I would want to follow myowncalcuttablog.com. I found her blog title quite interesting and after I read her first post “In the Beginning“. I instantly became a fan. There was just so much we have in common. I love volunteering, I started a medical mission in college, I’m passionate about altruism and RAK. I wish more people will be inspired to do these things.



Anyway, I have been checking out her site and  I’ve been trying to decide which post to share on my daily re-blog for August and I finally picked “A Nurse’s Instinct“. This is too funny. Story of my life. My kids think I’m not only nosey but pushy also. I can relate. Being a nurse, you feel like you can save the world. lol
Well, one “Starfish” at a time… 😉 Thanks for sharing, myowncalcutta. I love your blog!






I couldn’t help myself. The nurse in me took over the other day. On my day off.

 Nurses often invade other people’s personal space. From stripping a patient to get them into a Johnny shirt to performing procedures on them, it happens all the time. The encounter that day was just a minor invasion, mind you, but still a boundary was crossed.

I waited in my car in the parking lot while my daughter had blood work drawn at Life Labs . It was taking an awfully long time. I learned later only one lab tech was working. The other one left to fetch lunch. Priorities. Giselle waited until everyone requiring lab work had been taken care of before the lab tech could perform an EKG on her. She didn’t mind waiting. She’s good that way.

I wondered why Giselle hadn’t returned. To pass the time, I read and deleted…

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