My Duolingo — part 3

Guess what! I’ve been 20% fluent in French in like forever but it’s been fluctuating since I’ve been using this app on and off. There was a point where I got a little bit bored so I decided to add German to spice it up a bit. My Spanish is the same. I haven’t really learned much from what I know but my problem is my conjugations.

BTW, if you’re not  familiar with the DUOLINGO App , please check out my two other posts “My Duolingo — part 1” and  “My Duolingo — part 2”.


And there’s an option to add this to your LinkedIn profile every time your fluency goes up. Voila!


I just wanna share that this is the first time I reached the 10th day streak. Yes!!!


As you complete the lessons and advance, you’ll see that the categories turn from  its original color (red, blue, green) to yellow. The number in red on the lower right that indicates the number of lessons left also changes then eventually disappears.

You’ll see the option to “take a shortcut“. You’ll also see the 3 hearts at the top. If you’re confident enough that you’ll pass, which I am in Spanish, I usually give it a go so I can move forward quicker. You’ll only be given this option if you have enough hearts to burn.

This is what happens when you don’t make it.


Here I’m showing you the difference between the yellow and the green. Once you have passed all the tests in that category and it has decided that you have no weak words it will turn yellow. Then you can move forward or advance to the next level.

If you scroll at the different levels under “Present 1” It’s still green and there’s a number 3 in a red circle. That means I took 1 lesson and I have 3 left. I have the option to test out (just like taking the “short cut” but I may lose my points if I’m not confident enough in that level.


OR you can take a shortcut and just click on TEST OUT which I did in Spanish since I felt pretty comfortable. On the left side under the category “Objects” (which is color blue at the moment) you’ll see that there are 8 Lessons which would have taken me  a while (maybe 30 minutes or so) to finish.  I decided to Test Out instead and skipped the lessons. I passed without  using up any of my  ❤ ‘s so it turns yellow indicating that I have completed it and that I may move on to the next category.

I just added this sentence just because.


I’m really having fun with this app. I hope you are, too.

And if you haven’t downloaded it yet. What are you waiting for???



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