Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 2


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This part II post makes me want to go back to practice yoga at a studio. I have been doing it on my own at home… just the basics (sun salutation and other basic asanas) but John clearly points out what we tend to miss without a great yoga instructor.


I am seriously contemplating on doing it this coming year. In fact, one of my bucket list items is to be a yoga practitioner/trainer/ guru and live in an ashram in India or Asia  for a few weeks. I am really feeling it… this post is the bomb… can’t wait to reblog part III tomorrow.


This is a basic Surya Namaskar “Sun Salutation” if you’re interested in starting. I modified mine a little bit by adding some asanas. There are many types of yoga but I prefer Hatha.






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Get Off My Lawn

Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 1

The day after I signed up, I attended my first class. I was nervous, but the atmosphere in the studio is so relaxed and calm I soon felt at ease. I bought a mat and rented a space to store the mat. So my new mat and I entered the practice space. It was dark outside and the studio was softly lit and smelled of incense. I felt a peace and calm wash over me as I sat and inhaled the incense and had this feeling of being in a church–like this was a holy space and it embodied a reverence that had me thinking really big thoughts, and really little thoughts, and then I was just present in that moment.

The class starts with setting an intention. You put your hands together and place them near your heart and think of a goal or focus for the…

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