Searching for Happiness? TRAVEL 🧳 ✈️

I came from a family involved in either the airline industry or the medical field. My dad is a pilot by profession as well as my 2 brothers, my mom and sister both earned their degree from a medical profession though they didn’t really practice it. My sister became a hotelier and mom was an entrepreneur and a politician for brief a period during my childhood. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Nursing when I was 21 but immediately worked for a major international airline right after I took my board exams. I stayed at that job even after finding out that I passed the boards and happily worked there til I was 26 years old. Then I moved and worked overseas where I eventually settled and my life was forever changed.

I realized that I loved to travel early on. I was still in university and I had friends who traveled a lot coz they were either rich or were children of pilots or FA’s who managed to travel the world with the help of their parent’s job perks. I somehow wished that was our case but my dad was a corporate pilot so we didn’t have perks like that. That wouldn’t have stopped us though… my dad had other “priorities” then.

When I started working for the airline, I made a lot of frequent flier friends who invited me to visit their home countries. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been too timid to take the offer.

“According to Cornell University researchers, experiences can help you get out of the cycle of searching for happiness by buying products. (1) Psychology professor Thomas Gilovic indicates travel may be your real solution. Because travel can bring you true happiness. When you book a trip, you will experience the same hit of joy and satisfaction as when you buy new shoes or a new phone. However, travel also gives you lasting memories, experiences in a different culture or nature, valuable time with people you love, a new perspective, and more. These happy memories can supply you with joy for a long time.”

Other than travel, different experiences can bring you a similar amounts of joy. Learn new skills. Pick up a hobby. See a play or a ballet. Play sports. Go to festivals. Sign up for a road race. Go to unusual events. Try anything new! These activities will create memories and become a source of joy. You may even meet new friends to build future memories.

At the end of your life, you will never say “I regret in investing money into experiences and memories.” But you may regret wasting money on useless objects. The choice is yours.

But remember, traveling and experiences are one of the the real secrets to happiness… besides being a blessing to others.


Live❤️LaughBelle Papillon🦋

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