Regina Rosarii (Prayer for Healing)

I was going through my box of prayer books when I found a prayer stampita… (it’s a card… idk how else to call it. It’s not a prayer book.) It was given to me by my dad. I remember praying this prayer when I was in so much pain years ago. I had suffered severe back pain for several years (I was injured while taking care of a patient.) and was unable to walk sometimes or get out of bed. I thought I was never going to get better. I went through years of physical therapy and different treatments that provided temporary relief only. I became depressed.

Anyway, I’ve been well for several years now. Sometimes it dawns on me how I never thought I’ll ever be healed. I still suffer from back pain from time to time but I reinjured myself a few years ago (I was assaulted at work around Thanksgiving in 2017). I was kicked on my back by a patient.) though for the most part the pain now is a lot more tolerable.

I am grateful for the prayers offered for me by family and friends. I believe strongly that prayers are powerful… that miracles happen everyday.

In this time of this CoVid 19 pandemic, I strongly believe that we are being tested… our faith, our relationships, etc. This would be a good time to call on the Lord… to ask the Blessed Mother’s intercession.

Let us pray…

Dear God,

You said come to  me, all of you who are tired and heavily burdened and I will give you rest. I come to you, today right now. Please touch every pore, every fiber, every cell of my body. Touch my mind, my heart, and my spirit. Fill me with hope. Teach me to believe that with God nothing is impossible. Let me forget and forgive all events thant make me sad and when I worry, teach me to rely on you. Help me to believe that nothing happens by chance and everything that happens has a reason.

I trust that no matter what, you will fight for me. I only need to be still. I need not fear anymore. Help me, heal me, hug me, be here in my pain. Blessed pain, holy pain. I accept your will but touch every part of me that needs healing, heal my body, heal my heart, heal my mind, heal my spirit, heal my pocket, heal my memories. I have come to you with my burdens. You will give me peace, you will give me REST, You will give me healing and this I believe.

I believe that I am healed.

I believe that I am whole.

I believe that I can now live life to the full.

Mother Mary, Regina Rosarii, Intercede for me to Jesus your Son, I ask this, in the name of Jesus the great HEALER, the great PROVIDER.


Regina Rosarii Hymn

Oh the Lady is waiting
On top of the hill
She’s call for all of us
To gather so near.
Mother of mercy
Please heal all our pain
Regina Rosarii
Our Lady and Queen.

If you want to visit this site or go on a pilgrimage, Our Lady Regina Rosarii on Top of the Hill is at Regina RICA, Tanay, Rizal (Philippines).

For more information, just go to or


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