My Husband Won’t Fit

I watched this on Netflix for a couple of reasons… I was bored out of my mind (I ran out of movies to watch) and I guess the title kinda piqued my interest — I thought… What?!?!? — it could mean anything, right?

It also helped that I was just recently in Japan so I thought I might learn more about the culture if I watched this.

This series is pretty short (unlike my fave — The Rise of the Phoenixes — yup! Shameless plugging… haha )… This show runs for 1 season but 10 episodes only. It’s a love story that’ll make you think about love, sex, marriage, divorce, infidelity and deciding to have kids or not… among other things.

On a side note, it also makes you think about the teaching profession. And I thank God for some of my kid’s teachers who were actually devoted to their profession. It’s no easy task esp. now where a lot of parents actually rely on the teachers to do the “parenting” for them coz they’re either “too busy” or “too tired” to do it themselves.

Spoiler alert! This actually is about a husband and wife who’s not anatomically compatible. But what is so ridiculous about the story is that she’s able to have sex with other men and he’s able to have sex with other women. So how are they unable to have sex with each other?!?!?! And this story didn’t happen in the 60’s. This is the present setting… the age of technology.

I was having suspicions that the wife may have vaginismus. But the movie showed that she was able to have sex with different men. The leading lady was fortunate to be married to a man who really loved her and was very open-minded, supportive, generous and sensitive. Both of them were also trying different things — so why didn’t they consult a Dr. for this? Esp. in the beginning of their marriage.

The wife would use an analogy and compare her situation with “sour graping”… though she says that in the end she doesn’t really care whether the grapes are sweet or sour coz she has what she needs. That’s sweet.

It may be a drag for some people but I usually analyze what I watch so I consider this a pretty good show. I know it’s just a movie but it’s nice to see that this man stood by his wife. He’s got a good job and he’s easy on the eyes. 😜 What else can she ask for… he loves her and he’s very supportive… and it’s just a TV show. But it does happen in real life.

I just wished a different ending… it’s still happy for them. It wouldn’t have been for me… but that’s just me.


Live❤️Laugh…Belle Papillon🦋

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