Color Blind

This is one story I’ll never forget.

I love Oprah to pieces and I used to watch her religiously every day at 3pm sharp when she was on regular TV. I owe my “growth” to her (besides my own mom). She was my involuntary mentor. My kids knew this. One of my top bucket lists is to meet Oprah up close and personal. I hope that happens in this lifetime. I have dreamed of watching her show live in Chicago before she went to cable TV.


One day, I was watching her with my daughter who was about 4 or 5 years old at that time and I think it was Will Smith who was talking then… and he says, “You are one  beautiful smart, intelligent, powerful black woman …” all of a sudden my youngest daughter exclaims, “Mom, Oprah’s black?!!!”  I was shocked, speechless… I didn’t know what to say for a bit. Then when I found my words I said, “Baby, what did you think Oprah was?” then she says, “Well, Mom, I never really thought about it.” And I thought, “I must have done a great job at this.

0 I-have-a-dream-that-my-four-little-children-will-one-day-live-in-a-nation-where-they-will-not-be-judged-by-the-color-of-their-skin-but...-Martin-Luther-KingJr..png



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