Paris celebration. 

I could not contain myself. My baby is turning 21 today. Yes, in America, that means she’s considered “legal”. This means we’re going to have a drink… legally!

She initially was going to have a celebration with her 2 other BFF’s in Las Vegas who are both turning 21 at about the same time (within weeks from each other). What are the odds?!?!




I have planned this day last year. We are going to start the day with a tour of Paris, a cruise of the Seine river, a lunch on La Tour Eiffel then wrap it up with a Paris city tour.

This is actually part of the 4-5 countries we’re going to visit during this trip. All coz my baby is turning 21 which is a pretty big deal in American culture. I’m going to have a separate post about the things we did in Paris and the other countries. I want this post to just revolve around my baby’s special day.


Happy 21st birthday Jazz!!!

I love you, baby!!! ❤ ❤ 






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