RIP Louise Hay





The minute there is a problem… do not panic… stop and state…

All is well… everything is working out for my highest good… and out of this experience, only good will come and I am safe.

This quiets our inner turmoil down long enough for the Universe to figure out a solution to the so called problem…

When there are  problems, we don’t have to fix them… we have to fix our thinking and our attitude about how we respond to it… and when the solution comes we say thank you.



Hay’s Top 10 Rules for Success:

1 Love yourself

2 Be mindful of your words

3 Don’t be resentful

4 Learn how to think successfully

5 Help others

6 Be calm

7 Do affirmations

8 Keep working on yourself

9 Be thankful

10 Believe that only good lies ahead





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