Words of Wisdom Sunday (17.903) #wowS

Sometimes, I think we need this kind of wisdom… LOL




Why can’t people just be real? Saying “no mind games” and playing it anyway so that you can one up the other is just EVIL in my book. Everyone is scared of getting hurt, of getting rejected… but having an agenda to take advantage of people’s TRUST is just too much! I still have hope that there’s still men and women out there who have a strong sense of integrity, one who has no intentions of hurting anyone, who can be real and vulnerable and be able to trust that they won’t be taken advantage of.

Some people are just heartless!!! Don’t you remember how it feels to be so in love then get your heart broken? It hurts like hell!!! You are messing with people’s hearts… minds… lives… You have no idea how deep they are into this. What if your evil deeds cost them their lives? Let’s see you count that as one of your conquests!

Always remember, you want KARMA to be on your side coz you don’t wanna know what a biatch she can be… 😉she will serve your a$$ on a silver platter… sooner or later, you’ll meet your match. Promise… 😘😘😘






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