Pick of the Week #3 (061717)

Onto the third week… already!!!

As I promised in my blog post “Wow! 500 WP Followers…” I thought it would be fun to show my appreciation in celebrating a milestone by reaching my 500th WP follower by giving back to my friends in the blogosphere. I got this idea from one of my blogger friends, A Momma’s View , she has a portion called “My Picks of the Week”.

Though I promised to do this in May, I got so busy with school, work and life in general… I apologize. So I’m doing it this whole month of June instead…  my anniversary month.  I will commit the whole month by picking 7 blogger’s posts (1 for every day of the week) that I have read and really liked that I feel is in alignment with my passion and what I am about and things that would inspire and empower my readers. I will make this post every Saturday for a month in June.

There’s 4 Saturdays in June so that means I’ll be picking 28 extraordinary, inspirational and empowering posts. I will try to pick 28 different bloggers, too. However, If I find another post from you that is so hard to pass up, I’ll just have to double up. 😉

1.  7 Simple suggestions to live longer – AHA — by Tony


3. On Being Chased — by Aysabaw

4.  What is most important in life? —  by Success Inspirers World

5.  The remains of my Heart. — by  MY VALIANT SOUL 

7. Religious Syncretism? V… Stuart France — by Sue Vincent, Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


Again, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Givers Gain!





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9 thoughts on “Pick of the Week #3 (061717)

  1. Thanks for making my post 7 Simple suggestions on how to live longer one of your picks of the week. Very nice idea. I am enjoying my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. Best of luck with your blogging. You are off to a very nice start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome.
      I read your post and found it interesting coz I can relate and I thought I’d post it for those women who are on the same boat. 😉 lol
      It’s a little odd and scary, don’t you think? Especially the first time. haha

      Liked by 1 person

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