Planking 101

I gained 25 lbs. and as much as a lot of people think that it’s all in my head and that I still look good and shouldn’t worry about it… well, the scale doesn’t lie and I do feel it.  I know for sure most of it is stuck in my gut (midsection) and my arms. I really don’t feel good. I have let myself go again and I promised myself before that I wouldn’t go down this road again.

What’s wrong with you girl???!!!

I know that I had a valid excuse being injured at work (I got kicked by a patient in the back last Thanksgiving) and not being able to move coz of my back injury which of course affected my regular workouts and gym visits. But I shouldn’t hide behind that excuse. Some people who are paralyzed or who have lost limbs work around those disabilities. I have all four.

So what do you have to say for yourself, lady???!!!




I can’t hide behind the excuse of “no time” coz I’m able to watch my favorite shows. I just really have to get off my lazy a$$ and get to work.

Beginning tomorrow… it should really be today huh… but tomorrow’s the first day of the month… Anywho. I’ll do the plank challenge and I’ll get on track with my 10K steps with the fitbit. I’ll try to do that as much as I can on a daily basis just like the past couple of years. And I’ll do the SPIN class at the gym 3x a week like I used to.







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2 thoughts on “Planking 101

  1. Ooh boy I’ve been there. If you haven’t tried Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube, I highly recommend her. She’s got videos of all lengths and levels and has a really positive outlook and encourages self-love. Best of luck on your health journey!

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