The Most Interesting Man in the World

Around this time a couple of years ago,  I attended a boat party in the outskirts of Las Vegas. We were going to watch the “Non-Fight of the Century” pun intended. It was between Pac Man and Mayweather. Anyway, I met a few of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Beginning with the host, Brian, and his beautiful wife, Shelley, who were very accommodating and generous.  They also have very nice friends. I met a couple who I’m still friends on facebook, Garald and his wife, Pam,  who also have big hearts. I met other really nice people too but I just had to mention these 2 couples coz it’s rare to meet extra nice people nowadays who have no ulterior motives. I’m sorry, I’m trying to keep my “trust” in human kind. There’s just so much greed and drama going on everywhere. Ok, I’m getting sidetracked. Focus!

Anyway, I have also met the “most interesting man in the world” at this party. Brian actually introduced him to me and we took photos together. Ok, hold your horses… let me explain. It piqued my curiosity why a bunch of adult men wanted to take photos with a life-sized cardboard poster of a man. He looked familiar. I guess they noticed my eyebrows meet, trying to figure out what was going on. So one of them introduced me and said, “you don’t know him?” LOL  I said “he looks familiar… ha ha“. Of course, I’ve seen him in the ads and on TV and billboards but I had no idea that he was the “most interesting man in the world“.

MIMITW 4206954-world-s-most-interesting-man-quotes

I just wrote about memes not too long ago and our paths crossed again. So I got curious and checked him out. I found out that he’s Jonathan Goldsmith, 77 years old and just retired. I guess the Dos XX people decided he wasn’t as interesting anymore and sent him to Mars.

While I was doing my research, I found out that they got a replacement for him. And he’s French! Oh, my life!!! So of course, I had to find out more about him. Apparently, unlike Jonathan,  our new guy, – a Frenchman – can speak Spanish (along with French and English.) They showcased his cunning linguistic skills in his first appearance as the New Most Interesting Man In The World.

French stud is Dos Equis’ new ‘Most Interesting Man’

The new face of Dos Equis is way younger at  41 years old, though he looks a lot older in the ad. He is French actor Augustin Legrand. Dos Equis described the new “Most Interesting Man in the World” as “timelessly masculine,” “edgier” and “more daring.”

I watched his first commercial and I was somewhat disappointed. It seems like they were trying to make this guy a Chuck Norris wanna-be. There can only be 1 Chuck Norris. LOL

and No, I’m not a fan… haha





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