Wow! 500 WP Followers… Thank you all!!!

Wow! Thank you all!!!   Belle Papillon has reached 500 WP followers Yay!!! (though my counter says 673 total followers)!  Double Yay!!!


I have been blogging for about 9 months now and I still do not understand why there’s 2 different numbers on my “follower” counter. So I’m just celebrating the 500th blog follower on  my “wordpress” counter. I’m thinking the other one is email followers (the # is 673). Needles to say, I am overflowing with joy and gratitude for the love and support that I’m getting from you all.You keep me inspired. I hope I’m doing the same for you all.



As most of you know,  I just started my blog last June 27th (2016)  and I got my 1st “100” on Aug. 1st, which I celebrated by promoting most of my friends blogs that whole month. I, however, cannot make that commitment this month as this has kept me away from my school responsibilities. It’s so addictive. I’m hooked!  😦   I’ve had a great time writing, reading  posts, and interacting with everyone and I am grateful for the new friends I made who are quite supportive.

I would like to let you know how grateful I am to you all for taking time to read my posts and for all the “likes”, comments and feedback.  I will still re-blog from time to time and promote your blogs as much as I can. Though I may not be as active as I was in August,  I would like to do something like that a few times a year.


To celebrate this milestone, I thought it would be fun to show my appreciation by giving back to my friends in the blogosphere. I got this idea from one of my blogger friends, A Momma’s View , she has  a portion called “My Picks of the Week”. So I will commit the whole month of May doing this by picking 7 blogger’s posts that I have read and really liked that I feel is in alignment with my passion and what I am about and things that would inspire and empower my readers. I will make this post every Saturday for a month in May.

Again, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Givers Gain!


And, if you guys are not too busy, let’s start a thread… I’ll be reading from your link and I may start my pick from here. This is also a good way to promote your blog and expand your blogging community.

  1. Everyone is welcome to join.
  2. Please say something about yourself and your blog so we may know you more.  🙂
  3. Leave a link (or two) to your blog, a post, or another blog you admire. (Please limit it to ONE  link per comment.)
  4. You may return and leave another link if you wish.
  5. Please be kind and generous by visiting  at least “3 links” left by other bloggers and leave a like, comment and/or “follow”.
  6. Reblog and/or Share this post on your social media.
  7. Remember, Givers Gain! 🙂



Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please remember to like, comment, share, and “follow” and/or subscribe here before you leave. Have a blessed day!  Come join me on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. See you there!🙂


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