500th Blog post

I have made it to my 500th blog post and it happens to fall on Easter Sunday! I also happen to reach 500 WP followers on the same day (though my counter says 673 total followers). So much to be thankful for!


I have asked my self many times if it’s worth going on… Is this good enough for my readers? Will my posts pique their interest and help them grow and stay inspired? Am I serving a higher purpose?  Am I still meeting the purpose and goals for having this blog? All these feelings of uncertainty but I’m still here.


Thanks to you all… To God be the glory!




For those of you who are feeling uncertain about your blog and maybe contemplating of giving up. I just want to share that it took me about 10 years to actually muster enough courage to start a blog inspite of all the hurdles, limiting beliefes and “programs” that’s been ingrained in my brain… thinking that I’m not a good enough writer because I didn’t take formal schooling to write.

I’m not here to impress, I just want to express. I would like to inspire, empower, help and hopefully change other people’s lives for the better. As long as I can keep doing that, which really makes me happy, I’ll be here to stay.


So today, I hit “publish” for my 501st blog post and hoping I’ll make it to the next 500 then the next 500 after that… I’ll keep going with your support.





Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please remember to like, comment, share, and “follow” and/or subscribe here before you leave. Have a blessed day!  Come join me on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. See you there!🙂



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