Air Canada, never again!

It’s my first time to go to Dubai and first time to fly Air Canada.

I just want to say that I’ll probably not fly Air Canada again. Well, maybe 50-50. Don’t get me wrong. One of the FA’s from LAX to Toronto was very accommodating. However, from the time we checked in at LAX, it was already so disorganized. We did not get any instructions at all and there were no signs to direct us so we just fell in line like the other people who wanted to check in. As we got closer, to the  counter, one of the agents  told us we were on the wrong line and directed us to another line. Then we moved to that line where another agent refused to let us in but I argued with him til he gave in. I was already getting frustrated and this is just the first leg of our journey.


As we boarded, the Captain made an announcement that we were getting delayed for a little bit due to air traffic, however, we were still going to make it on time. Being a daughter of a veteran pilot and someone who has worked in the airline industry for several years, it was obvious to me that he was not completely honest.  Our flight was delayed for an hour and it wasn’t because of air traffic. They were not done loading the luggage — we can see it from the window. I figured, even with the  help of a tail wind, I don’t think he’ll be able to make up for that delay.

Air Canada 1.jpg


So it was going to be about 5 hours (give or take)  from LAX to Canada. Surprise! Surprise! We had to purchase our food because it’s a “short” flight”.  Really? Ok fine. I’ll have a wrap for $9. Sorry, that’s not available, says the FA.  Great!!! I look around and most of the pax around me ordered chicken noodle soup. Since I wasn’t feeling well, I guess it’s not so bad to get that. Chicken Noodle Soup it is for $3.  It’s the regular one in a cup, just add hot water. Ridiculous!


Pics of travellers in line at Air Canada deaparture area,travellers and people looking at departure


We  finally arrived in Canada and boarded for our flight to Dubai  shortly. I found out that the flight was full so I didn’t bother the agent for any requests….  I ended up sitting in the middle of 2 big guys. Ugh!!! Merde!!! Just my luck.  😦  I prayed that this flight would go by fast.  I was glad that one of the FA’s on that flight was kind though the male steward which I think may be a purser or just her senior was quite rude. She knew I was coughing  and she was pretty accommodating when I asked for hot water and when I asked for regular water with my meal she gave me a small bottle (8oz) and he tells her not to give it to me where I could hear it but she gave it to me anyway.

It was terrible! One time, they missed giving me and the older man sitting next to me our meal and when they came back the FA says “we only have vegan” but I was famished so I took it and he ended up not eating. Poor guy!  Also, the bathrooms are filthy. Like, super grooooss!!! I have never seen an aircraft toilet that gross in my whole life and I have flown many times.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to fly back via Air Canada. I flew UA instead and I was impressed with the service. My  friends were not as fortunate. They had to endure delayed flights and  bad service on the way back, too. They were given vouchers but they said they won’t use it at all after their horrible experience. I just want to say that just because an airline offers affordable rates doesn’t excuse the poor service and filthy environment. One of my good childhood friends works for this company and swears that they give great perks, so what gives?

So yeah… just my two cents.

And the 50-50… Um, I take that back.





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2 thoughts on “Air Canada, never again!

    1. I’m sure there are other airlines better and worse than this. I’m also sure that they have a set of crew who have better work ethics. It just so happened that on the day I was there it wasn’t so good.
      I heard bad things about UA.some of them even scary that I was worried when I found out that I was flying United on the way back to the US. However, I had a great experience. The crew was very professional and accmodating and I cannot complain.
      It just so happened that with Air Canada it was one thing after another so I decided I was done.

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