Earth Hour

This is the 10th year celebration of Earth Hour. I heard that not as many people got involved this year. I wonder why… 



I normally post this on my social media days in advance to remind family, friends and others to get involved, however, I’ve been busy catching up right after I got back from my trip and I didn’t notice that many people post about it either and it somehow slipped my mind.



Here are some photos I gathered of world famous landmarks that participated in this 1-hour blackout for climate change. (In order: La Tour Eiffel in Paris, Empire State building in NYC,  London’s Tower Bridge and Big Ben, The Kremlin in Moscow, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, The Colosseum in Rome.) — credits to Getty images.

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I did participate by default though coz I’m still jetlagged and was the only one home so our lights were out not only for that 1 hour but til about midnight.




And for the naysayers and deniers of Global Warming, here’s a short video clip to prove that it’s really happening. If you’re not scared yet, you better be after watching this video. And I hope you’ll care enough to make some positive contributions.


We have only one planet and I honestly believe that we should work together to fix it or at least stop this progressive destruction if it’s irreversible… which I hope and pray it is not. Let’s do this for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and their descendants.



So let’s get involved.

Let’s do better in 2018 and the following years.





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