Soulmate BluePrint

I decided to cancel my online dating  profile after just a couple of months of having it last year. There was no point keeping it. I wasn’t checking it anymore after a few weeks… it got boring real quick… what’s the point,  I wasn’t ready for a relationship anyway. I had it for less than 3 months and just started it out of curiosity. I found out a few things…  there’s a lot of “catfish” out there, there’s still a lot of people like me who trust and wear their hearts on their sleeves.


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So I have resigned to the possibility that I may be alone forever but it’s alright. As Dr. Phil says, “It’s better to be happy alone than be miserable together.” So I thought of just working on myself and maybe I’ll attract the man who is my “vibrational match”. But then I received an email  about a “Soulmate Blueprint” which I was about to delete but for some reason I ended up clicking and listening to the webinar for more than two hours. The first part stated that what I had in mind was “magical thinking”…  and that my “Mr. Right” was not going to fall on my lap without any action from me. I would love to actively move towards the “call of source” as Abraham Hicks calls it. However, I know for sure that even with strong “vision”, I won’t be able to “manifest” at this point. I just have too much going on.  So I ended up listening to the whole webinar of Arielle Ford and this other lady while I was running on my treadmill and taking notes as I I was getting ready for work. Oh, my Lord! 


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Anyway, I learned a lot. But most importantly, I learned that it’s a lot of work and that I have so much on my plate and it’s just not priority right now.



Live  ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon 


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