I have a very stressful job and on top of that I am a full time student and a mom. I go through a lot of stress on a daily basis. That’s why one of my goals this year is to work my way to Zen. Yes, that’ll be my middle name.  What’s the point of doing yoga if I cannot embrace this Zen life?




We can only take so much stress before our body gives in. That’s what happened to me before I left for my vacation last October. I wasn’t even paying much attention to school. There was so much going on at work and it doesn’t help that my boss is how he is.  😦




It’s good to know that we can compare oursleves to a lump of coal that may turn into a diamond if we don’t end up having a nervous break down. LOL   Being in the Mental Health field, I have knowledge of different coping mechanisms which I share with our clientele to help them deal with stressors on a daily basis. But care givers are the worst patients… don’t even try to ask a doctor or a nurse about their condition. They know better.




Our mind is so powerful and I feel that it is really dependent on a person how they handle the daily stressors that come their way to make it bearable. There are people who seem to act like they’re not affected at all. People at work say “I care too much.” Yes, that’s me. I feel I’m too consciencious for my own good.




Carpe diem!



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