“A day in the Life @ Trinidad, Cuba”

I have just shared with you the reason for my passion in visiting Cuba on “Solo Female Travel: Cuba“. I would really want to know where my grandmother’s dad was born and raised. We called him Abuelito Pepe and from what I know his dad traveled from Spain to Cuba and met his wife there and they had my abuelito… the rest is history.  😉

This is John talking about “A day in the Life @ Trinidad”. It’s a vlog about his 11 day immersion experience in Cuba with the assistance of Rena. I wanted to share this with you and hopefully help you plan a smooth experience.

The Website is : experiencetherealcuba.com where you can immerse yourself in the Cuban culture. Learn Spanish in Trinidad, Cuba whilst living with a family in a casa particular. 


Experience the Real Cuba is a family organisation that works hard to provide travellers to Cuba with an incredible local experience in the country. They can offer you an authentic taste of Cuban life, full of music and laughter with new friends, in a place where the sun is always shining.

Rena’s local knowledge and contacts in Cuba allows her to organise accommodation in trusted, family-run guest houses, or “casa particulares” and to enhance your stay, they also offer a variety of cultural activities for you to enjoy, such as:

They’re also flexible and open to ideas and if there’s another activity you’d like to try in Cuba, they will try and arrange it for you. Through these educational programs and the family-based accommodation, she can help you discover the language and culture of the Cuban people that  by the time you leave the country, you’ll have a brand new family and social life in Cuba and you’ll already be planning your return trip.

Are you ready to escape the office and spend a few weeks relaxing in an ambient, colonial Cuban town, flanked by white Caribbean beaches and sparkling blue sea? Then let them help you. The only part you’ll need to do independently is organise your flight, travel insurance and tourist visa. From the moment you step into Cuba, they’ll organise the rest; accommodation and activities.

Hope this helps!





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