Solo Female Travel: Cuba

Bucketlist!  2 birds with 1 stone: female solo traveler + Cuba.  Luv it!!!

I can’t wait to visit Cuba very soon so I can trace our roots there more accurately. Several years ago I was hooked on genealogy and I managed to unearth some old photos of my grandparents. Just to share, mi abuelita is Cuban and mi abuelo is a Spaniard.

This is she in her teens.


This is her wedding photo to my abuelo.


A family photo with her siblings. She’s the youngest.






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An Adventurers Journal

It’s not always easy finding a travel partner. None of your friends has been bitten by the travel bug and your online search ended without results. Putting your travel plans on hold or take the big step and travel the world solo? My mind was set. Cuba it is.

Out of Linsay’s travel journal

Staying at home or searching for a destination to travel solo. It was a dilemma that


haunted me for months while my boyfriend planned his trip to Argentina to climb the Aconcagua. I had no interest in a physically demanding holiday so I had little choice. Or I stayed at home for three weeks, waiting till he got back, or I would plan my own trip and make use of the occasion by traveling solo for the first time. My mind was set on Cuba, probably the most popular destination at the moment. Solo traveling was…

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