Zen Habits

I discovered this new site which is not really new but it’s new to me. Have I been living under a rock? I have been following Leo Babauta on Twitter and I know about him so I don’t know why or how I haven’t checked out his site “Zen Habits”. Just what I need at this point in my life.




I have so much on my plate. I’m a little too overwhelmed. But there’s so much to do so little time. Yeah, I make myself believe that which actually is the source of my anxiety. And to top it off, I’m a little too OCD with regards to my blog.  I just learned from Danny (Dream Big Dream Often)  that I don’t really have to obssess too much on my content… but that’s just me.  😦


Anyway, I’m looking forward to a more Zen 2017 — it’ll be my middle name. LOL





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