Blogging Tips: Writing and Blogging Are Very Different Things

Excellent useful info! Just opened my eyes. Thanks for this, Danny.
I’m sure a lot of readers will find this very helpful.


INTEGRITY_Live it.jpg

This also made me gain more insight about my purpose here. As much as I like to “blog” and it would be nice to have “followers”. I really love to write about my passion. I spend a lot of time on most of the contents of my posts as I want it to be relevant, accurate and in alignment with who I am. I want this blog to be a place for people to be enlightened, empowered, inspired to live out loud… to live their best life… find their life’s purpose and bring it to realization.



So why did I bring up “Integrity“? What I’m trying to say here is that we have to make sure that whatever we do in life, just keep it in alignment with our purpose. Be true to yourself. Embrace your authenticity. Don’t lose focus of your goals. Keep the fire burning. As Danny mentioned, if you want to succeed in whatever your heart desires, you have to be obssessed with it. Having said that, I feel that I can actually do more to gain more readers, however, with the time I have available between work, school and writing on my blog, it seems like it’s more challenging for me to invest on that. Working harder on the followings may jeopardize the content and the message for me.


I do appreciate the sharing, ping backs and reblogs of my generous blogger friends as much as I’m grateful for the visits and the comments. Thank you so much!


For the most part, I’m just happy and grateful if I have made someone smile, or think, or gained insight and decide that life is worth living and touched someone enough to start paying forward and practice Random Acts of Kindness. Let’s spread the L-O-V-E!   🙂


Have a great week!





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6 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Writing and Blogging Are Very Different Things

  1. Had a crisis of sorts like this when I started blogging. Didn’t know whether I wanted things that would get more likes or followers but I would not necessarily like or things that were true to me. In the end, I realized, it’s my blog and I can do with it what I want. Definitely felt more fulfilled since.

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  2. Struggle with this, just as you mentioned in your comment that you did too.

    I so badly wanted to write the insightful stories I learn from being a horse woman, and the live with my horses and animals.
    They went over very well on my Facebook page, with many FB friends encouraging me to blog.
    So, I finally started blogging and you could hear the crickets sing when it came to writing about the spiritual lessons I learn from living my passion with my greatest love, my horses. No likes, no comments, etc.

    So, I changed it, and wrote the spiritual lessons of life without the story of my horses in the blog post. Doing better, much better, but anywhere near the WOW factor of blogging!

    Time is a factor, don’t have much of it, to devote to the demands of having a succesful blog, so I do take that into equation.

    I just love writing and when I have those epiphanies about life, I enjoy every moment of presenting them. With hopes it speaks to others in a positive way.

    I wish it was thru the eyes of what I see in my horses and all the beauty of these majestic beings, but as other blogging tips have revealed; ‘Write what they want to hear, not what you want to write’.

    I have yet to find a balance with the two. :-). :-).

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