Please Don’t Visit Guimaras


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Gosh! This post is amazing and makes me want to kick myself in the behind for skipping our

Guimaras island-hopping trip for the Tagaytay Highlands weekend. Ugh!




We went to Iloilo, visited some old churches and the Garin Farm then did the

Islas de Gigantes and Boracay island-hopping and

dropped by my Uncle’s beach house in Aklan all in a week.


It’s ok. I’ll save this for next time when I plan my Islas de Gigantes part II.



Carpe diem!



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I tell you, don’t visit the Guimaras Islands. Why should you? Do you know what awaits you there? I should know, I often went their every summer and you know what I’ve found there? I will tell you why you shouldn’t visit Guimaras.

  1. Please don’t visit Guimaras or else you will see this!

    IMG_20160606_003542_559 Tatlong Pulo from afar.

    This beautiful piece of paradise is called Tatlong Pulo in Baranggay Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras. Tatlong Pulo is a hidden gem because of its white sand beach, clear sea water, live corals and colorful sea creatures.

    Tatlong Pulo is “in the middle of nowhere” with no electricity and cellphone signal. It is the perfect place for someone longing for peace and serenity.

  2. Please don’t visit Guimaras because you will experience Magic!

    11021353_602069603271014_3268362504194229355_o Photo taken from Magic Island Page

    Magic Island is a small island in Sitio Duncaan, Lucmayan, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Why its called Magic?…

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4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Visit Guimaras

  1. Went to Iloilo a few years back. Got the chance to visit a lot of places including Sicogon Island but not Guimaras. Will def include this place in my list.

    Also, I hope it doesn’t bother you, but I tagged you in “2016/2017 TAG”.

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    1. You should. What about Gigantes? You should check it out, too. My kids were blown away and we plan to go back to see the rest of the islands.

      Not a prob. I’ll try to get to it when I can. My posts are pre-sched way in advance coz of school coz it gets really hectic.


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