Yoga: The Hardest Bliss Part 1


Originally posted on Get Off My Lawn:


I’m a big fan of reblogging for many reasons… mostly to share a great post, to increase awareness on a topic I’m passionate about and to support another blogger.

I just discovered this guy, John (Get Off my Lawn), who writes so well I’ll be surprised if he hasn’t published a best-selling book yet.


Anyway, I obviously love his writing style and I love YOGA and I want to share this post with my blogger friends. It’s in 3 parts I think and it’ll be the first time I’m actually going to reblog multiple times from 1 author successively… I just luv it!!! and I’m sure you’ll luv it, too…. 🙂






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Get Off My Lawn

I can’t remember which Mixed Martial Arts fighter I’d first heard talk about doing yoga as part of his training, but that’s when the idea of practicing yoga started to intrigue me. The fighter explained that yoga had helped immensely with injury prevention, balance, and breathing techniques. These are things that, as I age, I would like to improve upon.

Then I heard an interview with a recent veteran of Afghanistan who discussed practising yoga with an emphasis on meditation as a way of treating his PTSD. I probably have some form of PTSD, and anyone who reads this blog can attest to that.

So I hemmed and hawed for a good while and then, just after Christmas, I decided to take the plunge.

This is the studio I practice at. Just being there is a calming and serene experience. This is the studio I practice at. Just being there is a calming and serene experience.

I am fortunate enough to live in a neighbourhood that has multiple studios…

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