The Secret To Why You Will Never Be Happy


Originally posted on Oaktown vibes:

This reminds me of when I bumped into  Shawn Achor’s video “The Happiness Advantage” through Oprah. This is really a life changing video.


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Genius Unbound

Happiness is never the byproduct.

-Oaktown Vibes

Have you ever noticed that people have made happiness something that is contingent upon something else? Most people will not be happy unless they receive a promotion, unless they get married or unless they have a million dollars. These are just a few conditions out of countless others that people feel would make them happy, but notice that it is their CHOICE to withhold happiness from themselves, until they receive what they want.

Most people are unhappy because they don’t understand that happiness in actuality, is the cause, while the byproduct, is the effect. It is your choice to be happy. Nothing and no one can choose it for you, which is why in most cases, people receive what they want but still feel empty. Happiness is literally an inside job. This clearly demonstrates that unhappiness is more of a personal discontent with…

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