Henna Tattoo in Boracay

Interesting story… my girls left me at the hotel while they checked out the rest of the island. I then decided to head to the beach and check the water… Gosh! I could stay here forever!!!

Anyway, when they got back they showed me their matching henna tattoos on their left ankles and were quite adamant that I get one like theirs. They said this guy is awesome! So I walked with them. Both of my girls got flowers around their left ankles… one had a plumeria and the other one had a hibiscus.


(These are not the exact photos. I’m not sure they took a photo of theirs so I got this from the web to give you an idea of the flower.)


When we got there, they introduced me to this guy and he asked me what I wanted. I said, I guess I’ll just get a flower like theirs. He says, “where do you want it? I said like theirs, around the ankle.” He says, I feel like drawing a butterfly… it would look nice around your ankle.”

My 2 daughters and I looked at each other wide eyed then I said “Omigosh!!! It’s a sign!!!” What are the odds?!!! hahaha


Anyway,  he just inked me as I watched him…

This cost me PhP 250.00 (approx. $5)… he painted it around my ankle and  it lasted for about 2 weeks +.


When I was going to pay him PhP 250 + PhP 100 for tip… he says he didn’t have enough change so I just decided to have another henna tattoo so he can keep my PhP 500. (approx. $ 10).



This cost me PhP 150.00 (approx. $3)

I decided to get the “Om” tattoo I wanted to get before my trip. This way I’d know if it’s something that I’d really want to keep. So I pulled out my phone and showed him the exact one I wanted including the size and had him draw it on the exact place where I was planning to get it tattooed. I wanted to make sure I got used to it before I get the real one.


Also, before you get a henna tattoo make sure they’re legit and check if you’re allergic to it. Better safe than sorry.







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