Top Websites That Will Allow You to Travel More!

Originally posted on The Wandering Broski… Live for the journey, not the destination:


I just got back from my month-long vacay and re-evaluated my Bucket List and financial situation. I feel so revitalized and blissful.


It feels like the more I get the more I want… no NEED…



I have decided that I will travel more by hook or by crook…. not really by crook, but you know what I’m trying to say. This is an excellent post that will definitely help people like me make their travel dreams a reality.




I’ll be carpe dieming more in 2017… God-willing!






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The Wandering Broski

These websites will open up travelling opportunities that you never thought possible! They are and essential weapon in a travellers arsenal for finding great deals and satisfying that ever-present wanderlust.

Kayak ExplorekayakNot too bothered where you go and just want to get away? Simply tap in the dates you want to travel and Kayak Explore will display a world map with little boxes telling you the cheapest flights to every destination on your selected dates. Have a scroll around and you will find some ridiculously cheap flights to places you hadn’t thought to travel to before now! Some gems I found were; London – Oslo £20 return and London- Rome £35 return. You cant go wrong.

BlaBlaCarcarGetting from one place to another while travelling can often be a drain on your funds. BlaBlaCar can help! If someone is driving to where you want to go you can purchase a…

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6 thoughts on “Top Websites That Will Allow You to Travel More!

    1. 🙂
      I was just talking to my dad a few minutes ago who’s already planning our trip for next year (even though I told him that Paris is already set for next summer.). He’s adamant that we should go back. LoL
      I pray to God that He provides abundantly so I can visit my dad again soon

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