It’s More Fun in the Philippines

I am going to post about my island hopping adventure in the Philippines shortly. I didn’t realize that the internet situation where we stayed most of the time would be so unreliable so it was pretty challenging to check my blog and respond to the comments. I sincerely and deeply apologize.  Though my daughters were initially frustrated, they started not to mind after they started seeing the beauty of the remote places we visited.


One of the places we visited was Boracay island which managed to rank 2nd on Insider Travel’s “Best Beaches in the World” this year. It also ranked 1st on the  Conde Nast Traveler “2014 Best Islands in the World“, (Palawan following a close 2nd). We were also planning to visit El Nido, Palawan and the islands in Cebu which made 1st and 5th place respectively, however, because of our nerve racking experience during our first trip around the “Islas de Gigantes” islands where we got caught in the middle of the big waves and we somehow had the same experience in Boracay, we decided to tweak our itinerary. We also happen to come during “super typhoon” season so we ended up cancelling some of our plans. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Our visit to Boracay was short but full of fun! We’ll definitely come back for more. I’ll blog about it soon.



I can’t even start talking about the fresh food. I had to go to the gym almost every day in the US as my trip was getting closer coz besides wanting to wear my several sets of two-piece swimsuits, I also have a long list of food I was looking forward to eating. I have read reviews and checked out blogs prior to this trip so I already knew that it was going to be a struggle not to gain weight during this vacation. Truth be told, I gained close to 10 lbs on my first week traveling to and from the islands (driving 4-5 hours by land and 2-4 hours by boat at the least).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NOTE: The slideshow above shows the different types of interesting transportation in  the Philippines. Though we didn’t get to ride any of those because it was too hot that we had to rent an air-conditioned van everywhere we went.


I was so worried about too much eating and not enough exercise that I had to buy an extra FitBit. Thank goodness they just launched a new waterproof product unlike the FitBit Charge HR I have which is a piece of crap. Oooops! did I say crap?! LOL   Yup! If you constantly wash your hands, don’t buy it. I tried to keep it dry all the time but it still fell apart. Please read my review (coming soon). Anyway, I hope the new FitBit Flex won’t disappoint. I’ll be keeping you posted.



I found this post by travel blogger  “I Am Aileen”  that gives you more idea on how to maximize your stay in the Philippines if you want to go beyond island hopping. Check it out… 10 FAMOUS FOREIGN DESTINATIONS THAT YOU CAN FIND IN THE PHILIPPINES.


There’s so much to see and we loved it so much that I feel that 1 month is not enough. My daughters were initially worried that it’s too long that we might get bored…didn’t happen! They’re having the time of their lives.




Carpe diem!



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7 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in the Philippines

    1. I would ask which island but chances are we wouldn’t have gone to the same ones since there are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines depending on whether it high or low tide.
      I bet your friend is having the time of his/her life. And it’s pretty cheap!!!

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