Grateful… blissful… serene… TYG!!!

It wasn’t all beach for us… we did some hiking and mountain climbing, too… yeah right! No mountain climbing for me…  well, not just yet… I gotta train for it first.

We went to Tagaytay Highlands for a weekend and stayed at the Belle View Condos.


What a great view from my room. I can’t complain. I feel so blissful. TYG!   🙂



I couldn’t find the correct location when I “checked in”  on FB. It’s actually  the Belle View Condos and it’s built on the slopes of the Tagaytay Ridge serving an excellent contrast to the lush greeneries of the mountains and calm waters of Taal Lake and Taal volcano.


TRIVIA: Taal Volcano is more than that. The region has some strange geological features that attract visitors from around the world. The way the features are arranged is something like nesting  or Matryoshka dolls. On the Filipino island of Luzon is Lake Taal. Within that lake is a volcano, Taal Volcano. At the top of the volcano, a thousand feet above sea level, is a basin, known as a caldera, carved out of the mountain hundreds of thousands of years ago. The caldera itself is filled with water, creating a crater lake, the largest crater lake in the world. At the center of the crater lake is a tiny island, Vulcan Point, which is one of Taal Volcano’s cones. To recap, that’s “an island, within a lake, within another island, within a lake, on an island, within an archipelago, within the Pacific.” 

Once upon a time, the Taal Volcano was a large volcano, in fact was one of the largest volcanoes in the world, towering 18,000 feet up in the sky. Now, it is the world’s smallest active volcano, only about 700 meters high. 


Here we see Vulcan Point sticking up out of Crater Lake in the Philippines. The little landmass is cited as the world’s largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island…on the left is the aerial view.





It’s so picturesque!



The road going to and from Tagaytay Higlands is pretty steep and sometimes foggy but it’s well worth the thrill once you get there.




One of the highlights of my stay is the visit to the animal farm where I conquered my fear by petting the  humongous snake and had a smaller one  wrapped around my neck. We took photos with a baby tiger and I held a parrot and fed it… these things used to scare  me but I did it anyway.




I have a follow up blog on this just talking about the Animal Farm — “Animal Farm @ Tagaytay Highlands“.


I hope you guys can check this out.




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