47 going on 30


So you say, “What does that even mean???” Well, I’m turning 47 biologically but everything else in me says “Hell, NO!!!” Not that I’m resistant to the aging process but I had a “transformation”, if you may, (See “Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life“) that started last year and “it’s going”, alright.   😉





If you’ve read my first post, you’ll know that I have found myself again… I have found life again… I’ve found happiness… I have evolved… still recreating myself… and I’m loving it!




I can’t believe that I’m so excited about turning 47… is it coz there’s a 7 which is my most favorite number? LOL    I know, it’s lame… But seriously, looking back, most of my birthdays have been depressing. I don’t know why but I just feel that way… maybe  I’ve just been anticipating disappointments so I won’t feel worse that I do. I know, I know… 😦


But now it’s different. I’m actually excited about turning 47. Even though that means I’ll be considered “middle aged” in a couple of years. I’m actually looking forward to turning 50 in a few years. NOT! j/k  I am though, in full honesty.  I’ll make it epic. Yeaaah!!!

I already have a theme in mind for my 50th… one of these.


I never thought I’d feel this way about turning 50 but since last year, I just feel optimistic about what the future holds. It couldn’t be worse than what I went through. You know what they say about hitting rock bottom.   😉





Can we start celebrating birthdays every 2 years after 30 or maybe stop counting after 40 altogether? LOL   Not really… I’m at a point where I don’t really care about the number. I look good, I feel good. I’m grateful.





Not to change the subject but I just had this weird wish to wake up like this on my birthday. Under the sheets (and saving you guys some “TMI” stuff.)   😉   It’s just all about waking up next to the Love of my Life. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!  🙂


But then how do you win the lotto if you don’t run out of excuses not to buy a ticket??? Ugh! Story of my life… (Love… onLy oNce in yOur liFe)


It looks like I’ll be romancing this on my birthday instead… party like it’s 1999!!! What does that even mean? hehe



I don’t really celebrate my birthdays but this time I am… I’ll be celebrating with a bunch of kids at an orphanage. I want to see smiles in their faces. I am so happy and grateful for all my blessings and I just want to share it. Givers Gain!


This is the first time, if my memory serves me right, that I have actually travelled around my birthday on vacation mode. I’m actually enjoying myself (trying not to think how much this trip is costing me since it’s really for my daughters after all).




Another year older… another year wiser… yeah, make yourself believe that…  LOL




I feel so blessed.. grateful… happy… excited.



Thank you, God for another blessed year! May I be an instrument of your peace and love. May I bring praise and glory to your name. Please guide me through this coming year.






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