Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday y’all!!!

I know I’m on vacay but there’s no way I’ll be leaving my minions behind. Yup!!! I took them with me alright. LOL  😉

At this time, I should be be :cruising thousands of miles above the Pacific ocean.


I’m just a little worried coz I’ve been hearing of back to back super typhoons in that part of the world that I had to cancel 2 of my island-hopping reservations. I’ll be booking more once I get there but our first leg is already confirmed so it’s a done deal. Gotta make the most of it… rain or shine!


I’ll be dancing the macarena, copacabana and whatever else coz I can barely contain my excitement.


We’re hitting the beaches in a couple of days. We’re just resting during our lay over… major pampering with mani-pedis, massage , facial, etc… before we fly to the islands. Woooooooooooooooooooooot!!!


My minions having the time of their lives at the beach. No super typhoon will scare them away… 


I can just imagine me and my girls will be in awe at the beautiful white sand beaches and unexploited paradise islands. And I’m looking forward to the fresh tropical fruits and the many different types of fresh seafood I’ll be eating. I hope my daily yoga is enough to burn those calories coz I don’t want to pack the pounds and bring it back here.




I’m hoping not to experience any wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson since it’s my first time wearing  two-piece bikinis while actually swimming… and I’m concerned that my DD’s might pop out. It shouldn’t be so bad. I’ll just think that I’ll never see them peeps again. LOL   😉


0 636024033432829330179303537_minion.gif


OMG!!! Here we come!!!



Amuse toi bien!



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