(Don’t) Send in the Clowns


Originally posted on Solsbury Hill:

I was thinking of writing about this coz my youngest daughter, who is actually 18 already is so terrified that she doesn’t want to be left alone at home. I can just imagine how the little kids feel.
I have an alarm system and the works but she is just so scared. She told me there’s recent sightings around my neighborhood.
This is crazy! It’s out of control!

I’m not surprised they don’t have it in Texas. They’re not crazy enough to take a risk of getting shot.

Thanks for sharing, Mike.






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coulrophobiaThe Dow Jones Clown Commodity index has crashed.  The legitimate, child-loving, flower-squirting entertainers are facing layoffs, unemployment, and a speculative future.


The creepy clown sighting phenomenon, known by some as killer clowns, continues to amass popularity across the continental United States, Canada, the UK, and beyond.  Globally, professional clowns feel increasingly threatened by these devious, ill-willed impersonators, who are at once reckless, fearless, and impervious to threats of imprisonment, violence, or de-masking.

Locally, in Nova Scotia Canada, 61-year old professional clown, Miles Leahy, who goes by the name Milo T. Clown, has been in the business for 32 years.  As vice president of ‘Clowns Canada’ (Canadian Clown Association), Bozo, I mean Milo, is heartbroken by the recent rash of creepy clown sightings, and fears the worst for professional clowns across the world;

“People have to remember these are not clowns.  These are people dressed up in a clown costume…

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