Romeo & Juliet’s Love Story in Verona

This reminds me of my trip to Verona, Italy last year… it was good to know about (non-) history. My life was a lie!!! lol   😉


We stayed at a really nice 3-bedroom condo at the Piazza Bra just across the street from the Verona Arena. The piazza is lined with numerous cafés and restaurants, along with several notable buildings. The Verona Arena was originally an amphitheatre built nearly 2000 years ago which is now a world-famous music venue with regular operatic and contemporary music performances. We enjoyed free perfomances directly from our balcony. The only downside is people seem to like to party all night so it was pretty loud til the wee hours of the morning.





I was in awe when I saw the homes of Romeo & Juliet. There was not much going on at Romeo’s but at Casa di Giulietta , herds of people went and took turns taking photos next to the bronze statue of Juliet, the balcony and the love locks by the gift shop.




I loved their Love Story. I guess I wasn’t paying attention when the teacher said that it wasn’t based on a true story… haha


Having said that, during the trip, I found out from our tour guide that because Juliet was a fictional character, it goes without saying that she never lived in this house. Juliet’s balcony was added years after the creation of her house and it costs 6 Euros just to go up on the famous balcony for a photo op. There’s a lot of nice, romantic stuff you can buy at the gift shop but fair warning, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg… worse than 7-11… lol


Thanks for sharing, Evelina .






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4 thoughts on “Romeo & Juliet’s Love Story in Verona

    1. It’s a nice place to visit. I would love to go back there in the future… hopefully with someone very special.
      Just make sure you don’t get a place very close to the arena or you won’t be able to sleep. Party all night. Or maybe it was just our luck that there was an event.

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