Body Positive Activist, Ashley Graham

I thought I’ve never heard of Ashley Graham til I found this video on FB and I decided to repost it. But then I realized I have.. you see this year she became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That’s how her name first appeared on my radar.

What perfect timing to see this. I’m still trying to muster enough courage to get into my two-piece swim suits (and hopefully rock it — confidence is sexy, isn’t it?) for my long family tropical vacay. If you haven’t read my posts about my struggle just please click on the hyperlink… Two-Piece Swimsuit (Love your Body) Part 1 and Two-Piece Swimsuit (Love your Body) Part 2. I have recently lost 40+ lbs. and this is the first time I’m actually “bold” enough to get into a bikini. What was I thinking? I’m in my 40’s and things aren’t quite in their right places anymore and the cellulites and stretch marks don’t help either. Why didn’t I have the courage to wear a bikini when I was younger, skinny and firm. Ugh!  How the media poisoned our minds.   😦

 I’m here to remind women that our bodies are beautiful at any size.  ~ Ashley Graham  GLAMOUR MAGAZINE: March 26, 2015 


“I didn’t have anybody in society who looked like me. I had my mother who never looked in the mirror and said she was ugly. She never looked in the mirror and said she was fat,” she said. “So looking in media, I never had a role model, that is why I coined the term Body Activist because at the end of the day, I need to be the role model for all the young girls who don’t have someone talking about the lumps and the bumps and the cellulite and the things that jiggle. Right? So now we need to start creating those role models for young girls.”

Graham confidently considers herself to be a body activist, but one thing she doesn’t label herself as being is plus-sized. “I don’t talk about being plus-sized,” she declared. “I talk about being a curvy woman. I don’t call myself plus-size, I think labels are divisive and I think that there’s no reason we need to start telling women who they are because of a number inside of their pants.” (Source:



Ashley Graham, 28, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and discovered in a mall at the age of 12. Her natural beauty and effervescent personality led to her signing with an international modeling agency at the age of 13, launching her successful, diverse career. Ashley has worked in numerous areas of the fashion industry including editorial, catalogue, runway, commercial, television and film. In February 2015, she stared in #CurvesinBikinis, a campaign with swimsuitsforall that made her the first plus size model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.

As a role model and body activist, Ashley is regularly invited to speak at numerous high schools and girls’ groups about body image, self-acceptance and female empowerment. Her first TEDx talk “Plus Size? More Like My Size” was given at TedxBerleeValencia in April 2015. She is also a co-founder of ALDA, a collective of models that represents beauty beyond size and challenges conventional notions within the fashion industry.  Graham is a proponent of the Health at Every Size movement. She has spoken at high schools about body image and body acceptance. (Source:


Never let anyone convince you that you can’t. Prove them wrong.





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6 thoughts on “Body Positive Activist, Ashley Graham

  1. I’m probably being a bit of a hypocrite (I am one of those size “0s” but not because I’m trying) but I have always thought the women who looked like women were the most beautiful. Women who have real figures…like JLo and Biance.
    I always heard “if you’ve got it…flaunt it.” I only wish I had it and I could flaunt it. 😦

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