Stressed out!!!

Wow! Today is my last day to work before I go on “vacation mode“. I used to be so excited about this… counting down… but now I’m overwhelmed with anxiety.  I have to finish packing my stuff, we’re leaving for the tropics in a few days but whatever is going on at work is haunting me — “Workplace Bullying“. I really hope I can leave it behind. It’s almost 12,000 km away after all. I hope that distance will make a difference. Yes! Mind over matter… Ooooohm…


I’m worried about my staff. I feel that while I’m gone, they might feel that they have nobody to turn to.  I have left things in place to make sure they’re protected in a way. I hope it’s enough.


I do feel like a “Mother Hen” as my boss has labeled me. I feel that I have a moral obligation to support, empower and protect them. My nurses work so hard to provide excellent quality patient care and this stress will definitely affect patient care and my nurses’ physical and mental health. So yeah, I’m quite concerned.

But I shouldn’t let this bother me so much. This trip cost me a lot of money and I want to give my daughters a great time. I have to be in control and just keep on looking forward to the great experience… memory making with them. I even bought an action camera, kits, snorkeling gear, lots of swim suits, sun protection and other things we might need at the beach.

Now I just have to be optimistic that my daily yoga practice will help with this anxiety… no meds please… I can do this!




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