Never Hit

What a great post by Sudershana @ The Daily Stroll for Domestic Abuse Awareness month.

Go check her out.

Thanks for sharing, Sudershana.



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The Daily Stroll

From mere childhood,she was taught that her real duty is to serve others and her house would be the only which belongs to her husband.With the flowing time this was the only thing that left in her mind.The day arrives,she left her house after all she is femine.She thought that happiness has knocked her door but that she fails to unlock. The man she belongs own her like his property.The only companion left with her is pain, sorrow and courtesy.Those daily arguments, fights and her crisis, now they are not alone to witness but a little angel aside.

The little girl pointed her plastic pistol at her Dad, he laughed.

“Never hit my mom again”,she thundered.

That day real bullets were fired from a toy pistol.It was what her mother should have done years before,she was just not only the victim but responsible for the increasing crime.


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