Workplace Bullying

Bullying goes beyond the school yard or cafeteria…  most people, you included, may have thought that bullying would no longer be an issue once you left school.  Workplace bullying is real and impacts employees and employers on a daily basis.  People engage in this behavior for many reasons and it’s the employers responsibility to protect its employees. The organization should have strong policies in place that will deter bullies from preying on others  in the workplace.







Bullying : “repeated abusive conduct that is threatening, intimidating, humiliating, work sabotage or work abuse.” [Source: Work Place Bullying Institute (WBI)]





A Legal Approach to Workplace Bullying



Workplace bullying is a universal epidemic affecting an estimated 1/3 of American workers at some point in their working lives. (Source: Juliane Soprano)




HR doesn’t usually help. According to Xpert HR, only 2% of people who complained to HR were satisfied with the result. The WBI survey found that employers routinely “either deny, ignore, or minimize concerns regarding bullying.” One caveat here — many of the things that people complain to HR about isn’t bullying so much as hurt feelings. Still, companies shouldn’t ignore real bullying, and it should be stopped quickly. (Source: CBS news)



27% of workers have reported being bullied at work, making this a serious issue employers need to address. However, many employees feel their employers are neither preventing workplace bullying nor responding adequately when complaints are made. Recent research demonstrates that no one is immune from workplace bullying and it affects individuals of all races, ages, and sexes. Coupled with this, bullying is also hard to define as it can take many forms and can involve physical threats, hostile words or any actions intended to interfere with an employee’s work.

Employers need to be aware of the impact workplace bullying can have on their organization. These include decreased employee productivity and morale, workplace violence, workers’ compensation claims and health care costs, absenteeism and potential lawsuits for negligent hiring, internal infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery.

This free Toolkit for Employers on Workplace Bullying Prevention sets out tips so you can help ensure your organization is doing all it can to prevent bullying and dealing with it should it arise. Help protect your employees from distress and your organization from costly lawsuits.  Download your Workplace Bullying Prevention – a Toolkit for Employers today! (Source: XpertHR)



Today is my 5th year work anniversary and instead of celebrating  I’m on my way to the ER because I’ve been having chest pains and difficulty breathing… I hope it’s just stress from my boss and nothing worse. I haven’t been sleeping these last couple of days since he’s been breathing down my neck.




I just realized that I have been a witness to this behavior and I have not done anything for my staff. I have not stepped in for them so it means that I’m equally guilty of this behavior as it appears that I’m condoning it. I am so embarrassed. I have heard them complain about it and I have informed them that it’s their right to report it but I have not encouraged them because “I’m management” or maybe I was just too scared of retaliation from my boss.



I will be posting more about workplace bullying. If you feel you are a victim, I hope this post will empower you to act on it.






6 thoughts on “Workplace Bullying

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea that adults acted so childish. That’s ridiculous! I haven’t been in the work place for a while, but my husband say fights break out at his job. Now it make total sence 😒

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