I found this post by Ryan @ The Bransque who supports #HeForShe. Wow! What an amazing young man. Thanks for supporting #HeForShe. Please check him out… he has excellent blog posts.


You know how passionate I am about Gender Equality and Feminism. And how much I love Emma Watson. You’ll be reading it here from time to time. If you haven’t read my recent post about it ~~~> “Gender Equality vs. Feminism: #HeForShe” please check it out.



I hope Emma  or myself can inspire you to support #heforshe…

Be counted here. ~~~>  #HeForShe


Incidentally, #HeForShe just celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary. Here’s a short videoclip if you’re interested.






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"The Bransque"


Yester night I couldn’t sleep…

NO! It’s not what you think . I wasthinkingabout ambition everyone has ambition right?

Like Muta Mathai soughts: “African women in general need to know that it’s okay for them to stand out the way they are; and see the way they are as a strength and be liberated from fear and silence.”

  • PhenomenalPersonality;

Born, bred and grown in the suburbs of a city in the sun (Alias Nairobi) is the Visonariesaloud founder ;which is a hub for youth to showcase their talents. Like that’s not it all she’s a Co-Founder of SiasaPlace which is a political hub focused on mainstreaming women and youth into political arena. She’s also an executive director for the same political platform.

NerimaWako is an iconic figure and a civil rights public awareness ambassador; call her The RosaParks of…

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