Where Will History Have You Seated?: The Current Racial Situation in the U.S.

I feel so frustrated about the state of our nation in this particular situation. It just gets worse and worse. I agree that the media plays a major role in this and I feel that they have an obligation to provide the public unadulterated truth but on the contrary because of greed they taint it to sell and attract more viewers. That is the face of the beast — competition and money make people lose their integrity.

And who suffers? Us… what does this cost us?  World Peace.
I will keep saying it… it’s all connected.


When will the killing stop? racism… prejudice… ignorance… hate… it all has to end some time. We have to commit to not be a part of this cycle. Be the change. It starts with me and you.

I saw this and I decided to post it… No haters please. I agree… ALL LIVES MATTER. Let’s just stop the killings… please.


I have been a victim of racial discrimination and profiling many times in the past. This one takes the cake. My brother and I have been stopped by a Highway Patrol (Caucasian) because I think he just decided that since we looked Hispanic then we may be illegal immigrants or something like that. He was verbally abusive and condescending yelling at us saying, “Don’t you speak English?!!!  Don’t you understand me?!!!” And even threatened us that if he weren’t busy he would’ve taken us to jail. Mind you, we spoke better English than he did. He didn’t appear to have even managed to go to college. My younger brother, in his 20’s then, was just visiting me here in the US and I felt  he was traumatized. I was very polite and just prayed that he would let us go. I was terrified, too. I forgot to get his name. But I didn’t hate all Highway Patrols after that incident. I just thought he was an ignorant, arrogant, white prick who brought shame to the uniform. I still respect our police officers and CHiPs after that. He was one of the few who is an embarrassment to that department.



Let us open our eyes… increase awareness. Don’t fall into this trap and don’t be a victim. There’s a wealth of information out there. As Danny says, “Ask questions.”.

Don’t believe everything you read. Then the next question is… how do you know who to believe?

For those who want to know what’s going on in Charlotte, just click here.

Thanks for sharing, Danny (@ Dream Big Dream Often).




Dream Big, Dream Often

Race is not a difficult topic for me to talk about, but for some it is.

Some people simply don’t like people who are different-period.  I don’t understand this type of thinking, but it exists and I usually avoid these people at all costs.

There is one difficulty for me in trying to understand racism: you cannot understand what it is to be black in America unless you are black in America.  Modern racism in America is subtle.  I know this because I have had many conversations with friends of mine who experience it on a daily basis.

images-2Selma, Ala 1965

I still think it is important for us to ask questions.  Is it possible that there are failures in our system?  Is it possible that there are laws which more heavily penalize people of color? Is it possible that a system failure has occurred which has resulted in our…

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