Givers Gain… A Standard not a Sword

It is August 31st and I’m about to wrap up my “August Daily Promote my Blogger Friend’s Blogs” commitment.  I was thinking of a great topic to post so I can leave this month with a bang but there’s too many to pick from as I have a lot of blogger friends who are excellent writers so I just decided to write about “Givers Gain” instead.

For those of you who just joined in,  I started this commitment in celebration of my reaching “100 Followers +” in a month as I explained in my post. This is to show my gratitude for all the support and love from my blogger friends.I have committed the whole month of August to re-blog my blogger friends’ posts in an effort to support their blogs as I believe in “Givers Gain”.  My intention was with the hopes that my readers would their way to my friends blogs and eventually give them a “follow” (to increase traffic to their site).




So on August 1st, I started by I posting  “Promote your Blog”  where I encouraged my blogger friends to leave a link to their blogs so I and others may check out their site and give them a “follow” (if I haven’t yet) and  give them a chance to network with my other blogger friends. Then I started re-blogging 1 post from each blogger friend from August 1st onwards.


I have been posting about “Givers Gain” and talking about how passionate I am about this concept. Several of my blogger friends have given me positive feedback about this and verbalized that they have never heard of this. This concept was introduced to me in 2000 when I was invited to join a leadership seminar by my very good friend, Karen. I have been promoting it and living it ever since. I’m passionate about altruism anyway and it’s the same thing though it’s more about the business model (networking) and the spirit of service, karma and the spread of  good energy, positive synergy and  a little lovin’. These things are in alignment with my core values and I just want to live my life that way.


givers gain.jpg


According to Dr. Misner,”this philosophy is based on the Law of Reciprocity and a standard that we should apply ONLY to ourselves. Not expecting it from anyone else  as it should be voluntary. It should be done in the spirit of “cooperation, of helping, of support, collaboration”. 



The brainchild of this is concept is Dr. Ivan Misner. He is the founder and chairman of Business Networking Organization (BNI). He is called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and the “Networking Guru” by Entrepreneur magazine. After starting his own consultancy business, Misner founded BNI in California in 1985. Misner later created the concept statement around which BNI now operates Givers Gain. Having expanded across North America and globally through a franchise-based business model, BNI now claims to be the largest business networking group in the world.(Source: Wikipedia)




Check this out, too… This is a good read… “5 Elements of the Law of Reciprocity that Control Your Life ” by Ruddy Ortiz.

And to wrap this  month up, as much as I intended to re-blog posts from the  following excellent blogs… please just check out their sites as they have so much to offer.

  1. Simply Fernanda

2. Zortura

3. Autistix

4. Fab writings

5. Hans de Gans (MSW)

6. Aanchal

7.  Needull in a Haystack

8. The Utopia Universe

9. K. Bellamy with a Purpose (Arising Leo)

10. Namrata Speaks


To wrap it up… please keep in mind…

Givers Gain is a  philosophy  based on the Law of Reciprocity and a standard that we should apply ONLY to ourselves.




Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please remember to like, comment, share, and “follow” and/or subscribe here before you leave. Have a blessed day!  Come join me on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. See you there!🙂


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