#25 Stressed??? So let’s laugh! (Again no sensitivities please! Sometimes those words are just funny.)

Again, another re-blog scheduled for today for my “August Daily Promote my Blogger Friend’s Blogs” commitment that I had to bump coz I found this “Kaleidoscope of Funnies” from my new ER RN friend, Janet, (emergencyrn.org) that I wanted to share with you all. I wanna make your weekend FUN-ner! Is that even a word? LOL 😉

Anyway, have I mentioned that I do not believe in accidents?
Well, I also found an opportunity to “RAK”! My new friend has a GoFundMe page. I hope we can support her. She is an ER nurse so you can just imagine how many lives she has saved… Maybe we can work together to save hers. Please check it out… gofundme.com/rnjanet


I have started, please let’s be generous… any amount will help and if anything… prayers mean a lot! Spread the LOVE! Remember, Givers Gain, peeps!

Have a Fab weekend y’all!

Love & Light!


Ocean Views and Book Reviews

Lately, I’ve had this usually high amount of straight up stress. Reasons really don’t matter, however the end result of anxiety and OH MY GOD do……so, I’ve decided to start the day with some laughter! It is, after all, the best medicine. Just ask this nurse!

***that will be payment up front please***

***somewhere over the rainbow?***

***i say that a lot! ***

***or if it does…..well oooops!***

**ummm that’s what I’m doing wrong **

**that about sums it up!**

** not you personally…life listen up!**

***ahhhhhhhhhhh my legs!!*****

** yup! I’m all done! No more **

** no stress! Let’s dance!**

** no sh*t right?!**

***least I admit it! ***

***awwwwww yeah!***

*** hee hee. ***

***so guess it’s time for me to go lovelies but I’ll leave you with one last run ***

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Until next time…

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