All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go.

I set my alarm for 5am coz I wanted to attend the “Spin” class today. I was off last night but I have been working everyday the last several days for close to 2 weeks, some days mostly nights. Yup! Crazy sched coz my hospital is switching to a new computer system and I’m one of the trainers (being in management, I had no choice, I have to support my nurses 😦  ) so I’m training on every single day that I’m off from night shift. Sometimes I’m awake for more that 24 hours, have to go straight to training from my 12-hr night shift then I still have to study for school. I know, I know… I’m not trying to kill myself. There’s bills to pay… I have 2 student loans, mine and my other daughter’s who is in private nursing school. Thank God the other one decided to join the military but then again I gave her the option to take up Nursing and I would pay for her education but she said no. Oh, well!


Going back, I was getting ready for the 5:45am Spin class at LA Fitness. The last time I went there I went straight in the middle of it from the kickboxing class without any clue how it worked and it almost killed me. (no exag!)  I didn’t last 10 minutes… well, maybe 20?  I had no idea that you have to adjust the bike and you gradually adjust the gear and all that $#!t… lol   Anyways, I have another blog post where I’ll explain how to prepare yourself for a Spin class. You must think why would I want to go back. Well, when I lost a lot of weight I  also lost my butt 😦  (according to my daughter) so I want to work on that and I’m going on a month-long vacay in Oct. -Nov., island-hopping with my daughters and I’m shopping for swimsuits so I want to work on my abs/core, thighs,  glutes. So yeah, that’s why Spin class is for me.


While I was on the bike, I was visualizing myself like one of those cartoons where  the dog was too tired and his tongue was hanging out of its mouth. (see top)  My legs were already hurting to begin with as it was my first time at the gym after a long time. I forgot to mention that I went straight to the kickboxing class from my 12-hr night shift. You must think I’m crazy. Well, I’d rather workout from my shift. It helps me relax then I get to sleep. I have insomnia. You must think, how do I find time to go to the gym…  I barely do. Maybe once or twice a week. That will do for now. Gotta stick to it. Health is wealth.


Spinning 1.jpg
Yeah, right! LOL


Ok, it’s like 5:30am. I gotta go. I don’t want to be late coz I still have to adjust my bike. I don’t want to disrupt the class. As I was walking towards the car, I realized. What day is it today? I have to check the sched. Oh, snap! It’s Thursday! No Spin class!!! Are you serious??? The first class would be Pilates at 8:30 am then Aqua Fit and I’m not interested in any of those. Oh man! I was so excited to wear my new  gym outfits. I got carried away buying them last week  so I kinda went overboard. They’re not cheap.  I guess I have to wait til tomorrow but since I’m working tonight I’ll have to miss the Spin class tomorrow, too. Just my luck! Ugh!




That means I’ll have to wait til Saturday to attend the next Spin class. For now, I’ll just have to hop on my treadmill and do some cardio. I planned to do homework but I got carried away checking out my friends blog posts. So here I am… procrastinating as usual. That’s my cue, time to hop on the treadmill.


Carpe diem!



4 thoughts on “All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go.

  1. Good for you about the 5AM alarm!
    The most successful people in this world are always early risers!
    Good Luck with your program and your overall success!

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  2. So, one daughter took after you, did she? Neither of my two were inclined that way at all. But two of my sibs and myself took after my Mom who was a nurse. In spite of the fact, she encouraged us NOT to go into nursing. She thought respiratory therapist would be better! Suctioning trachs- oh, no!

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    1. Not really. She wanted to be a pilot like my father but I encouraged her to try nursing first. She is so nurturing and has a generous heart. I think she’ll even be a better nurse than myself. I told her she can still be a pilot even as a nurse if she wants. She can do both.
      She already got her LVN license at 19. I’m so proud of her.
      My sis, finished BSN but told my dad “ok, I listened to you, now I’ll do what I want.” She’s now a successful management for a major Multinational Casino/Resort in Asia.


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