#24 BY THE NUMBERS: Preparing for Long Term Travel

I already had a re-blog scheduled for today for my “August Daily Promote my Blogger Friend’s Blogs” commitment… however, I bumped into this excellent article by Sonia & Bob of Imagine Travel Discover and I honestly do not believe in accidents. It’s a sign! So I decided to re-blog this instead.


I’ll just share a little something about me. One of the things I want to cross out of my Bucket List is my “Wanderlust box“. I organized it according to continents then by countries. Unlike some people who really love to travel, it’s like trying to cross out the most countries in the world. I just have a list of certain countries I want to visit… the world is my “buffet” so to speak.  😉  I take short fast trips here and there to find out which places I want to go back to and really immerse myself in the culture later on. I have mentioned on my first blog post that I fell in love with Paris and I knew right then and there that I would like to go back there every couple of years. I’m even contemplating of maybe living there for a few months in the near future but I’m still thinking about how I can make it happen. The Universe will make it happen. I believe! God is good all the time!


Another plan that I have is to go on a temp early retirement in 3 years (tentatively) for maybe a year if I can afford it and go around South America and some Asian countries. I feel that this article info is like a one stop shop for me. lol

Anyway, thanks so much, Sonia & Bob,  for sharing all this very useful info. I cannot wait to put these to good use. 🙂



Imagine Travel Discover

BY THE NUMBERS; Preparing for Long-Term Travel:

There’s a lot of things you never thought about when planning to travel indefinitely and without a home base instead of going on a three-week vacation.  This post is about how we prepared for long term travel.  Other travelers might take different things or go to different places and the “blogroll” in the sidebar of our home page has links to some excellent travel blogs that describe how they prepared.  But for us, the first step for planning long term travel was making an honest assessment of our travel style and resources.

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2 thoughts on “#24 BY THE NUMBERS: Preparing for Long Term Travel

  1. Understandable growth comes by travelling but has anyone asked someone if like me wants to explore the Nature but don’t have the most necessary money how do I do what I am passionate about… A back story at age of 35 I was thrown out of my house with no money not even 5$.. Sleeping in park under open sky, no food to eat in last 7 days… Dream passion still in me to travel but how?

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