You & I










6 thoughts on “You & I

    1. I just wanted to share that your kind words was a reflection of you and it inspired me to post this.:-)
      You won’t believe how many drafts I have. lol 😉
      I’m planning to go on a short hiatus after this month or maybe just blog once a week or every couple of weeks. I don’t know if I can stay away from this but I’m gonna try… haha

      ❤ BP

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  1. These are certainly thought-provoking. Recently, a footballer’s past homophobic and sexist tweets were dug up and retweeted to his embarrassment and a possible suspension. What I found ironic about the whole situation was he once tweeted “What you say about others tells more about you”. I think we need to reflect on quotes like this more before we judge or talk about other people.

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